Shit and foot fetish video

This free video from young Hispanic hoochie Estefania is a unique mixture of fetishes that will definitely impress those of you who love shit and girls’ feet. The star of this video starts the fun off by showing her carefully pedicured toes in glamorous high-heeled shoes but…

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Yeah, the messy continuation is on the way and you can actually see it because the girlie is holding an enema in her hand!

The footsie showoff is followed by the part that all copro sex junkies have definitely been waiting for impatiently. The girlie gives herself an enema, pulls the slick plastic nozzle out of her shithole and… The brown waterfall breaks out. The dirty waters start flowing, staining everything around Estefania, including her kinky lover. By the way, this guy is obviously into several fetishes as well – watch him pay equal attention to the girlie’s toes and to the girlie’s feces!

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