Fat mommy drenching with poo

Even though this daddy is a real filthy one, he still acts like a real ladies’ man in this copro porn shoot of his – he is yummying down on his chubby wife’s cunt so hungrily, which really makes the mommy yell. No, there is no staging here – she is really enjoying this stuff so much she gets loud. Really-really loud, to be precise.

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Still, the tender pussy licking is not the stuff we are all interested in – and that’s something that our mature tempters understand perfectly well. That’s why the daddy gets underneath his chunky bitch and allows her to shower him with her piss. That’s why he gets up and fucks the shit out of her pussy. That’s why he gives her a wonderful warm enema while still licking her oversensitive clit… Oh whew, that gets him even more than just dirty. The brown fountains gushing out of the fatty’s crack will just drench him with poo, covering every square inch of his body with it. How do you like him brown-skinned, my friend?

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