Sexy girlie gets shitted on

You can easily see that it’s not by chance that these two daddies are hanging out in the backyard together – they are waiting for someone there and that someone will soon arrive, bringing an indecently huge portion of perverted pleasure to both of them.

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That someone is a charming blond lady sporting a sexy see-through nightie and suffering from a fit of thirst that only one type of drink can satisfy. Yeah, right, that rare type of drink is fresh male urine – watch the bitch drink it and swoosh it in her mouth, enjoying its taste.

Of course, this fairly nasty exercise will still look like something innocent when compared to the things that will follow it. The horny guys will grab a huge cucumber and fuck the girlie with it, making her pussy gape. Then they will put her down on all fours and will shit on her back, making a little brown pile grow on her loins. What’s next? Next they will smear the poop all over her skin – and will unload all over her, unable to resist her messy appeal…

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guys shit on girliegaped pussypoo smearing

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