Blonde girl eats feces

Do you love babes that do not simply pretend to be eating poop, changing feces with cookies, but are truly obsessed to the taste of human shit? The queen of these free scat videos is the one you need then!


This girl will never replace poop for even the yummiest chocolate, which she gladly proves here when her fuckmate just squats right over her face and begins pushing big-sized feces into her opening mouth. Damn, she looks so hot when she has got her whole face covered with the man’s brown turds – looking as a naughty baby, is not she?

This poop-eating exposure is simply the starting for her. And her coprophilia will go even further in this episode that continues with much more pooping – now from her. The nasty blonde girl has got liquid poop, which probably means she ate something wrong again, okay? It is time to punish her for that! Watch her fuckmate smearing her whole body with her liquid shit! Oh my, this dirty bitch looks so happy sitting and pissing right on the floor.


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