Fatty covered with shit

The invitation to hit the bar in the company of this burly baldhead is something that this chubby momma will never regret accepting.

The boozer that the guy took her to turned out to be totally deserted with them being the only customers. Even the bartender himself disappeared somewhere immediately after their arrival and it meant they could have as much fun as they pleased. The feeling of being so alone in a public place got our kinky couple really-really horny – no surprise they ended up getting naked and hooking it up with each other there.

The whole thing started off with some tender pussy licking – tender enough to make the fatty feel eager to accept any kind of sexual entertainment her fuckmate offered to her. And hell yeah, it was anything but a boring kind! The bitch ended up getting showered with piss, fucked raw from all the best angles and then covered with liquid shit. They turned the place into a real mess and they enjoyed it so much!

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