Dirty freak shits himself

Here’s one for those of you who like really bossy women – the kind that never stop torturing their humble male toys under any circumstances, even when their humiliation reaches the absolute maximum.

bossy womenhumble male toysslave got punished for shitting

Here in this scene you will see one nasty fat femdom mistress abusing her slave in all ways imaginable – she will humiliate him and make him worship her feet, she will leash him and pull him around on the leash… Hey, and that’s only the beginning.

The mistress goes absolutely furious when the slave turns out to be unable to keep himself in from emptying his bowels – the dirty freak shits himself right in front of her. She goes so apeshit that the whole little brown pile of smelly feces immediately gets smeared all over the slave’s body – his ass, his legs, his stomach and even his cock. As if it’s not enough, the domina grabs a burning candle and… Fresh brown poop gets mixed with stinging hot wax! See how that pathetic bastard withstands the torture here!

freak shits himselfdomina grabs a burning candlenasty fat femdom mistress

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