Shit and piss cocktail

Look at this mostly not the cleanest bar on our planet, but what it is going to turn into right now… Oh my, that is going to be a mess – all thanks to the attempts of this gorgeous blonde woman who turns out to be incredibly nasty in spite of her age and rather decent looks.

simple sexpissing in pussylayer of smelly shit

This charming bitch will start everything off with just a sex with the nastiest barman but what this simple sex will turn into with time is going to be very mad.

He used the woman’s vagina like a cocktail shaker in the process of preparing the most delicious alcohol mix of all time – real Bacardi Superior plus warm men’s piss. Nice! But hey, what is the best path of serving this yummiest shake? Looks like the perverted barman has got his own recipe! He serves this mix with a thin layer of smelly shit generously covered all over the woman’s body!

most delicious alcohol mixvagina like a cocktail shakershit covered all over the woman

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